Mixing sonic science fictional experiences for streaming web-radio has been part of my creative and critical practice at least as long as writing about sound, science fiction, and technoculture. This dates back to the "SubHarmonic" show I produced in the late-90s for RadioValve.net, the Internet's first 24-hour techno radio station. While "SubHarmonic" began with the mission of exploring the roots of techno going back as far as the 1950s, the show quickly took on a genre-melding life of its own as a sonic sci-fi adventure about the space DJ, The pHarmanaut, stranded in a decaying orbiting communications satellite after decades in cryogenic suspension. Finding out that the world below was no longer inhabitable, all he had left to do was fire up the speaker thrusters and blast weird noises into the cosmos.

In lieu of the CS90-bound SubHarmonic archives, the following mixes are more contemporary explorations of the intersection of sound and science fiction through audible narratives. A set of new mixes supplementing the chapters of The Sound of Things to Come are in the works.