"Of Sound Mind" -- my new podcast series exploring the intersection of sound, consciousness, technology, and the cosmological imagination -- is in development. In the meantime, keep an ear out for “Sound of Things to Come”-related interviews on Art + Music + Technology, Future Fossils, The Art and Design of Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Mystery and Horror, and others.

Art + Music + Technology Podcast: Episode 249

Darwin Grosse’s “Art + Music + Technology” Podcast #249 features author/prof/sci-fi music aficionado Trace Reddell

Trace loves digging into the depths of music production to find the poetics of the thing - and helps turn us on to the connections between different times and places. His upcoming book release (The Sound Of Things To Come: An Audible History of the Science Fiction Film) is an in-depth dive into the sounds that make Sci-Fi so memorable and compelling.

We talk about everything from the movies he focused upon for the book, to his favorite soundtracks, to his background that took him through an English major on his way to becoming a critical media specialist.